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Lasik Procedure

       The Lasik

Once your eye has been painlessly anesthetized, a comfortable device to prevent blinking will be situated between your eyelids.

In less than a minute, while you are focused on a "target' light, the laser painlessly reshapes your cornea.

Once the protective flap is properly repositioned, your incision will then securely and quickly bond stitch-free.


Light rays are focused in front of the retina instead of directly on the retina

HYPEROPIA (Farsighted)

Light rays are not bent enough to focus directly on the retina


Light rays are focused at more than one point on the retina


The Cornea is reshaped so light rays can focus directly on the retina

Dr. Roberto Molina, Optometrist, performs pre-op and post op procedures for Dr. Coleman, opthalmologist.